PhD Dissertation Database

We are currently compiling information on doctoral students and dissertations in EU and transatlantic Studies. You are invited to submit your name and dissertation to be listed. Slated to be completed in a series of stages, this groundbreaking project will begin with relevant graduate students downloading, completing, then submitting a pre-formatted spreadsheet to the European Union Centers of Excellence Network Coordinator via email.

To complete the form, please right-click on the file below and save it to your hard drive. Next, open the file, complete it in Excel; then save it as, "PhD_your surname_first name". Finally, email this renamed file to

Download PhD database template

Downloading & Sorting

Having already gathered a critical mass of PhD data, we are posting the information to this website as a single, searchable Excel file. We plan to create a customized, web-based search feature that will allow users to generate outputs based on specific criteria, such as specialty (via keywords), country, and institution.

You can sort information in the PhD database to quickly identify the information most relevant to your interests. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Select the entire worksheet (by clicking on the blank cell to the left of column A)
  2. Click Data, then click Sort
  3. Select "My list has...Header row"
  4. Proceed to sort by whichever column(s) you prefer

Download PhD database preliminary compilation

Last updated: Nov. 11, 2011.