85 GoNoodle Brain Breaks (Teacher and Student Approved)

I love GoNoodle brain breaks. Why? Because my students love them and we are a more productive class when we take small breaks throughout the day.

Here’s the thing though, I’m picky. Some of the videos on GoNoodle I find extremely obnoxious. Just because they are kids, doesn’t mean the content needs to be over the top crazy.

Which is why I have spent a lot of time going through GoNoodle and selecting the breaks that the kids will love, but aren’t over the top.

85 GoNoodle Videos that your students will love, but won't drive you crazy

The Best GoNoodle Brain Breaks

Fresh Start Fitness

Pump It Up

Wake Up 

Full Speed

Rock Out


Blast Off


Let’s Go

Total Motion (This one is longer, about 20 minutes. The other Fresh Start videos are all 2-5 minutes. An indoor recess would be the perfect time for this longer video)


What Makes You Beautiful



All Star


Dance Dance Dance 

Party Rock

123 Shake

Wipe Out

I Like to Move It


Moose Tube (a little over the top, but doable)

Pizza Man

If I Were Not a GoNoodler

The Kidz Bop Kids

Fight Song

It’s Your Birthday

Life of the Party

Best Day of My Life


Kids Bop Shuffle

Good Feeling

Make Some Noise


Let’s Unwind

From Mindless to Mindful



Rainbow Breath

Weather the Storm

Bring It Down

Chin Up

On & Off

Go With the Pro


400m Hurdles

Triple Jump

400m Sprint


High Jump


Long Jump


Hammer Throw

100m Hurdles

200m Sprint

100m Sprint

Think About It

Be Kind

Speak Up

Be Grateful

Forgive Others

Take Care of the Earth

Find Joy

Rest Well

Find Peace

Build Patience

Try Your Best

Be a Good Friend

Celebrate the New Day

Make Someone Happy

Be a Team Player

Let It Go

Empower Tools

Get Energized

Tune Into Your World

Have Compassion

Release Your Warrior

Manage Frustration

Strengthen Your Focus

Be Kind to Yourself

Own Your Power

There you have it! 85 GoNoodle brain breaks that your students will love, but won’t drive you crazy!






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